7 Great Gifts for Employees for Every Occasion

Employee gifts are a token of appreciation given to staff members to recognize their commitment and hard work. These gifts can be given on special occasions, like work anniversaries, and birthdays, or as a reward for meeting particular goals.

Gifts for employees sometimes become a challenge as a result of affordability and appropriateness, among others. However, the occasional thoughtful gift for employees is a great way to improve morale and express your appreciation to your employees for their diligence.

Yet, before you choose a type of gift for your employees, best in mind that people love variety. Employees value unique and customized gifts. Other times, they appreciate gifts that meet their preferences. That is, personalized corporate gifts. Therefore, this article is set to inform you about perfect employee gift ideas for all occasions.

7 Great Gifts for Employees for Every Occasion

Electronics and Technological Gadgets

High-tech gifts do not ever go out of fashion or style, which is why you can present a gift with screens and batteries. From cameras to tablets and even speakers, nothing communicates “job well done” like the current smart gadgets. Likewise, audio and video gifts can help to improve the workplace culture around the office.

Only a few employees will not appreciate the latest electronics.  Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and noise-canceling headphones are a few of the gadgets you can give. These practical gifts are highly pleasing to tech-savvy employees. They also serve as desirable and practical rewards for them.

To add a personalized touch, you can choose to go a step further by giving them customized accessories, such as wireless chargers, laptop sleeves, or phone cases.

Wireless Earbuds

People enjoy their music. As an additional bonus, they can listen without disturbing or distracting their colleagues or coworkers. This makes wireless earbuds an excellent gift idea for your employees. You can connect your wireless earbuds to your phone or watch, as the case may be. Besides, some wireless earbuds have a long-lasting battery life, which eliminates the need to always recharge too frequently.

Experiential Gifts

These give employees memorable experiences and the privilege to unwind and recharge. They include everything from tickets to a ticket to a favorite band’s concert, a trip to a much-adored eatery, and a week in Europe.

The most adventurous could even try experiences such as rock climbing, ziplining, or hot air balloon rides. There is not much that can be compared to the excitement and memorability of an awesome experience. Hence, experiential gifts are a suitable way to support a healthy work-life balance.

Gift Cards

Similar to reward points, gift cards are a customizable and versatile option that gives room for employees to select experiences or items that are in line with their preferences. It may be a gift card for a favorite restaurant, a subscription store, an online shopping site, or a home decor store. Gift cards provide flexibility and a sense of autonomy.

Professional Development Opportunities

Investing in the professional growth of employees is a great way to express gratitude. More than that, covering the expenses of workshops, professional conferences, and online courses gives room for employees to improve their skills and widen their knowledge, ultimately benefitting both the employee and your firm.

However, this gift for employees should focus more on the employee’s goals and interests, rather than professional development.

To get started, you can embrace a learning management system (LMS) to give personalized talent development capabilities while reducing administrative overhead.

Note that allowing your employees to select a course that is not related to their job shows that you care about them, more than as an employee, but as a person. The employees will appreciate your enthusiasm in helping them to grow their personal interests. They will also be thankful for the flexibility and variety that online courses provide.

Extra Vacation Days

A lot of employees fail to use all the laid time off available to them, thereby resulting in turnover and burnout. One or two extra days wouldn’t be a short hit to company finances. Meanwhile, it is a gift that can be easily given. Note that the process is the same, whether your employees are remote or in-office workers.

So, you should communicate with your manager about how they can give extra vacation days to employees. Employees can then choose to make use of their gifted free time however they wish.

Home Office Upgrades

Remote employees utilize a lot of time in their home offices. Hence, it is worthwhile to provide them with the tools to make it a more organized and comfortable space. Upgraded equipment is an excellent way you can complement the home office tools they already possess. It also shows how much you care about their comfort.

For instance, upgraded monitors can make your employee’s job easier. Not only are home office office upgrades practical elements, but they also lift the burden of purchase off your workers. Other examples of home upgrades include a new mouse, desk organizer, new keyboard, new phone and tablet charging pads.

Team-Building Activities

Team building office

If an employee loves group fun or is an extrovert, or if you are searching for a gift that the whole team can enjoy, then you can organize team-building activities, such as book clubs, online games, or escape rooms.  These experiences allow camaraderie and develop a sense of belonging at your organization.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that no one loves being coerced to participate in an activity they would rather skip. Thus, ensure you strictly keep it voluntary. Yet, you should make other gift ideas available for whoever is not interested.

Employee Appreciation


All businesses wish to attract, engage, and retain those with the best talents. However, with employees now having more choices in when and where they work, merely providing a competitive salary will not make your company outstanding from its competitors.

If you would like to build an employer brand, such that it will be hard for job seekers to resist, then you should start by making employee recognition a cornerstone of your company’s culture.

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