Expressing Your Brand Identity Through Your Email Communications

Expressing Your Brand Identity Through Your Email Communications

The number of active email users is predicted to reach 4.3 billion by 2023, and according to research compiled by Oberlo, 49% of consumers say they enjoy receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands every week.

For small businesses, emails are even more important, since this form of communication can be their primary means of reaching new customers. Whether you are launching a new company or you simply wish to strengthen your branding efforts, how can you do so through your email communications?

Embracing Cutting-Edge Design

Customers receiving a plethora of promotional emails from brands they are loyal to are likely to open those they know are pleasant to view, but also interesting to take further action on (including clicking onto the respective sites to learn more about offers, discounts, new collections, and the like).

Your communications should be professionally designed, include attractive imagery and brand-loyal fonts, and contain ideas for customers to take action and click on to a relevant page on your website. Even if you are sending a newsletter or a report, ensure your brand is identifiable from the time your customers look at the subject of their email.

Adding A Dash Of Creativity

If you work in a creative or design-based sector, experiment with your email communications, using effects such as creative GIFs, gradients, and captivating color palettes. If you embrace a friendly style when writing or responding to emails and you use the email service Outlook, encourage your staff to use emojis in Outlook in the body of their emails or when signing off.

To access a wide range of emojis, the Symbol function can be of aid. This displays imagery that isn’t necessarily found in standard emoji windows. Additional means of making emails more creative include the use of eye-catching frames for imagery and text, the reliance on elegant styles such as minimalism, and the incorporation of gentle, strategic touches of color that emphasize the colors contained in your photographs and illustrations.

Being Consistent In Your Style

Once you have chosen your brand’s color, logo, fonts and general style, it is important to be consistent in your communications. When you think of emails you may have received from brands like Apple, your mind probably conjures up slick, simple, business-like styles. Mention a fashion brand like Gucci, and opulent, modern, youthful gold, red and green imagery probably springs to mind.

Whichever style (imagery, text and layout) you have chosen for your brand, let your choice show in all communications you send. Of course, you can compartmentalize designs for different communications (e.g. newsletters, announcements of new collections, reports, and loyalty incentive emails), but the general feel of every communication should always remain true to your core values.

The number of email users is predicted to grow exponentially over the next few years, which is why giving due priority to branding via email communications is vital. Engage your customers through dynamic design and a brand-consistent use of colors, text and imagery. Finally, always keep your core values in mind when communicating with your clients via email.

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