Exploring Higher Education: A Holistic Approach to Finding Your Ideal Program

If you’re thinking about studying at a university, you’re probably taking many campus tours and exploring a number of places, trying to make the best decision. Your university choice is definitely a big deal and one that you probably do not want to take lightly. Here is a way that you can take a holistic approach to finding your ideal program:  

Research what a program entails

With any big decision, like finding your major or what school to go to, it’s wise to educate yourself on the ins and outs of what it entails. Choosing a program is no different. 

From the educators to the overall course work, and also the success rate of those who have taken the program in the past, it’s wise to consider all angles of a program, whether you want to study a medical assistant program or want to become an architect. Having all the pertinent information allows you to make an informed decision, which when it comes to your education and career path, is important. 

Talk to people who have been there

If you want to be confident about your decision, inform yourself of what the real experience is like by talking to people who have been there. If you have acquaintances who have gone to the school that you’re thinking of attending, ask them questions about things that matter to you. 

Getting input from people who have been there will help you to have more information that can help guide your decision. You could also reach out to alumni to get their stories of first-hand accounts so that you can move forward in confidence with whatever your choice may be. 

Think about your values

Whether you have a Christian belief or you want to do something for the environment in your life, it’s a good idea to think about the values that you have when choosing a school to go to. Are there things that align with your values at school? Is it a university where you’ll be around people with like-minded ideas and beliefs? Is the program one that goes along with what you have in mind for your future path? 

Know what matters beyond academics  

While you may feel confident about the kind of program that you want to study, do you have an idea of what matters beyond this when choosing a school? As you strive to make your decision, keep in mind that you’re dedicating quite a few years to this university, so it makes sense to think about what else matters to you in your decision. 

While yes, the academics and program should be a deciding factor, you also want to be sure that you’ll appreciate other aspects of college life, from the extra activities at your school to the location itself. Maybe you’ll find that choosing to study a semester abroad is something that will interest you. Perhaps, there is a sport that you excel in and you’re thinking about playing on the school team.

Sit with the decision 

With big decisions, it can be tempting to rush the choice we’re making out of fear of making the wrong one. In some cases, this is exactly why people do make the decision that may not be the best for them. Whether prayer is something that you use to check in with yourself or meditation allows you to find calmness when choosing a certain path in your life, just take the time to use whatever methods you use to make the decision that matters to you. 


In Conclusion 

It can be challenging to choose between several schools or to pinpoint exactly what you want from your school as you’re going down the road of higher education. But with these tips above, you can take a more holistic approach to making a decision that feels right to you. Don’t rush the process—take your time.  

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