Essential Of A Perfect Invoicing & Role Of Salesforce Subscription

Sending a timely invoice to your subscriber cannot guarantee its timely payment. Many factors can lower the ROI. It consists of everything from the name of your company to the product or services description you provide to your subscriber while billing them. To know which elements perform well and which need to control, it is recommended that you pair your subscription management software with a CRM i.e. Salesforce.

Well, it goes beyond then the regular CRM and offers services that bring 360-degree information on your subscriber and potential customers to a single dashboard. Additionally, by using the third-party application you can initiate the data sharing and collaborative culture among your employees.

However, here in this article, we are discussing in detail what features a subscription management business should pay attention to while designing a template for the invoice, along with this, we have also provided a detailed amount on how using Salesforce CRM, you can utilize the blank space on invoice efficiently for marketing and branding purposes.

Thing To Consider To Create Effective Invoice

Like we said above, sending an invoice to the customer, and sending timely reminders to the subscriber to pay the invoice or instructing them to pay the late payment cannot guarantee that customers will remain loyal unless you give them customized services, starting from the invoice. 

  • The first thing is allocating a unique invoice number that customers can use to track their payment history or to view the details of products and services they have used. In addition to the subscriber, it also helps the subscription business in tracking the progress of an invoice, mapping subscribers’ payment history. And, by using the statistics you can further create customized offers to upsell and cross-sell to the customers.
  • In addition to the unique code, having every unique detail from invoice render date to sending date, company’s logo, address of your organization, business name, and contact details on the invoice matter a lot. This not only helps one in setting a unique image via branding but also provide a professional look and feel to the invoice so that customer can trust its sender, and pay it in a timely manner without any problem.
  • Another significant information is sending the complete information in the quote mentioning the product description, the quantity of product being rendered, the individual price of every product or service being used, and lastly the total amount including or excluding tax to be paid. If anything from what we have pointed out is missing then the effect of incorrect information can leave a bad impression on the quality of your service. 
  • Last but not least, mention a link that directs the subscriber to a secure online hosted payment page to pay the invoice. This comes in handy when you want your customer to pay the invoice as soon as possible and on the part of the customer getting a payment link in the invoice reduces their efforts too. Moreover, an invoice is considered an ideal tool for branding therefore you can add a comment or note at the bottom of the invoice to instruct them to either visit your website or to avail the customized offer.

Feature Offered By Salesforce Integration With Subscription Software 

A subscription management software is not enough when it comes to retaining loyal customers. You need something more than automating invoices and using a uniform invoice layout. And, to ensure that every invoice that is generated is paid by the customer, it is recommended that it should contain all essential elements that we have mentioned above. However, by getting third-party integration you can tune up your invoice performance and enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Branding and marketing
  2. Intuitive design and template customization 
  3. Minimize error in product information, sub-total, shipping address, etc. With the help of automation
  4. Quick payment with hosted payment pages
  5. Comprehensive reporting and analytics to optimize campaigns, invoices, and information


Subscription business charges their customers on regular basis. For which they have to generate invoices and ensure that the billing information is correct and contains the right sender, billing, and shipping details. With Subscription salesforce integration you can leverage customer data, buyer trends, and other significant information to personalize invoice information.

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