Best Materials for Sticker Packaging

A quick Google search for “unboxing videos” delivers 165,000,000 results. This means it is time to get serious about your post-purchase experience and to elevate your packaging. But what is the best way to go about this? Especially if you do not have an unlimited marketing budget or an in-house product designer? 

In this article, we will introduce you to the perfect solution: custom stickers. Yes, you heard that right, these little sticky pieces of paper or plastic are true marketing powerhouses. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also super versatile and create an immediate effect. Below, you will find a list of the four best materials to use when getting your custom stickers to help you find your perfect match. Sounds good? Then let us get started.

1. Bestseller: White vinyl

White vinyl stickers are definitely the safest, most versatile choice. These stickers are perfect for product packaging, branding of merchandise, or customizing your post boxes or shopping bags. The vinyl base will give your customers a great experience as they are resistant to water, scratches, and sunlight. Through that, they can be used outdoors as well as inside and stick to glass, metal, cardboard, plastic, and many more surfaces.

Despite these stickers often being referred to as white vinyl, you will not be stuck with a white sticker. Instead, the white vinyl base functions as a blank canvas on which any color can be printed. Even shadows or gradients are possible, meaning that you can really unleash your creativity and create custom vinyl stickers with vibrant colors. 

2. Transparent stickers for a great look 

If you are after a more minimalist look, transparent stickers can be perfect for you. They look amazing when applied to glass or a see-through surface, keeping with the sleek, classic design of your product range. Such stickers are also great if you want the contents of your product to shine through, like wine bottles or cosmetic jars.

The transparent base allows you to create a stunning stained-glass effect once color is printed on top of it. If you are after an opaque finish to highlight your logo, your printing company of choice can simply add a layer of white ink in between the material and your color of choice.

3. Stand out with effect stickers

Transparent and white are not your only sticker options. Many sticker printers offer a wide range of effect materials, ranging from metallic and glitter effect to bright fluorescent colors. Such materials are perfect for you if you want to highlight a specific product line, celebrate a new launch or simply want to highlight the luxurious qualities of your brand.

We adore silver or holographic labels like the ones you can find right here because they can elevate even the most simple product packaging. Through something as easy as a sticker you can communicate your brand standards to potential customers and create an eye-catching product experience at the same time.

4. Biodegradable stickers to keep it green

Traditionally, stickers are made from vinyl. But just like other industries keep exploring new, sustainable options, the sticker industry is developing environmentally friendly options for you to choose from. This means that you will not have to make any compromises when choosing your perfect stickers.

Many sticker printers offer fully compostable stickers made from sustainable materials. Our absolute favorite is the biodegradable paper made from 100% sustainably sourced wood pulp, hemp and linen. Made from paper, these stickers are thick and have a natural matte finish, giving them a premium feel and making them great for die cut labels of any kind.

While paper-based materials are a little less resistant to water and scratches, they compose within 12 weeks when put in a food waste container or a compost. This is a great option for environmentally conscious brands that want to share their brand ethics or for businesses transitioning to more sustainable packaging. These stickers can not only be used to brand your packaging, but also to communicate your ethics and thank your customers. 

And those were the top 4 materials you can use when you want to elevate your packaging with stickers. We hope you found these useful and are ready to tackle the world of custom stickers. If you have any additional tips and tricks about product packaging you would like to share, please do so in the comments.

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