7 Ways to Retain Your Customers

7 Ways to Retain Your Customers

Did you know that it costs five to six times more to get a new customer than to get an existing customer to buy more? But do you know what most small business owners do? They are only chasing new customers. Use these 7 tips to avoid making that mistake.

The few companies that truly understand the value of staying in constant contact or “romanticizing” customers continue to grow and make money despite what is happening in the economy or what competitors are doing.

If you went on a date with someone and found out that you really liked the person, would you wait for six months or a year before contacting them again? Not a chance, right? Then why do most companies behave exactly this way? There is no easy answer to this problem but here are some valuable marketing tips you can use to delight your customers throughout the year.

Seven ways to get your customers to buy your products and services over and over again

1. Make it fun to buy from you

Most companies are boring to do business with. They have no personality and are not fun to buy from. If you want to stand out from the crowd and win over your competitors make sure customers have fun when they buy from you. Here are some tips: Have competitions, parties, and events with special offers.

2. Give special offers more often

Send letters, postcards, leaflets and brochures to keep closer contact with your customers. Your customers want to hear from you more often if you have something interesting to tell and nice offers to give. They already trust you and the probability is high that they will spend more money with you if you give them good reasons to do so.

3. Send handwritten thank-you cards

Common sense and pleasant behavior is something that not a lot of businesses seem to care about in this day and age. Do you? You should. And that is why you should also send thank you cards to your customers (preferably with a special offer).

It’s a simple and often overlooked way to show your customers that you really care about them. If you are too “busy” to use this strategy,  then you miss a wonderful way to romanticize and improve the relationship with your valuable customers and prospects.

4. Offer a strong warranty

Many are willing to pay a higher price for the services and quality products of someone they trust. And this is where a strong guarantee can help. Focus on what customers complain about within your industry as a starting point and then create a powerful, results-based guarantee that builds trust and goodwill.

Are you afraid that customers will take advantage of the guarantee and cheat you of money? You do not have to be that. If you have good products or services, customers rarely use the guarantee.

5. Have a professional answer the phone

How does it sound when one of your employees answers the phone? Do you know that? Here’s how: “No, well, you have to go to the site and look, I don’t know …”.

Far too many companies have someone who is either unpleasant, incompetent or poorly trained who answers incoming calls. This is a sales call, and imagine you have ads in different magazines and encourage people to call; If you do not then have professionals who answer the phone, the advertising money is wasted.

The callers want their questions answered and they want to talk to someone who can help them. Can those who answer the phone at your company do it? Treat all incoming calls as gold.

6. Create a customer care program

The purpose is to get your customers to buy more (of course). Test different types of bonuses or discounts based on how much they trade. For example: Buy 5 shirts and get the sixth for free. Or, buy for X amount and get X amount of discount.

7. Train customers

Send them free reports, books, videos, a good newsletter (by e-mail or by mail), other information and workshops that show them the benefits of buying from your company. People love to get new ideas and knowledge that will improve their lives. Make sure you immediately start using these strategies in your company and you will soon have more, better and more loyal customers spending more money with you which ultimately means higher revenue.

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