7 Ways How To Improve Your Online Presence

7 Ways How To Improve Your Online Presence

1. SEO is an essential component of any online marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a method for setting up websites and content for search engine bots to index the former more effectively. Thanks to proper optimization, the website gets into the top 10 entries of the search results page without any additional investments.

Search engines rate sites according to the following parameters:

  • relevance of the information on the site to the user’s query;
  • content originality and optimization;
  • website usability;
  • page loading time;
  • how logical and readable the URLs are;
  • the presence of a robot.txt file and an xml sitemap, which determines which pages to show for the search query, and which ones can be skipped;
  • the number of links to the site from third-party resources and popularity.

If the project is large-scale and complex, only professionals can perform this optimization, since you need knowledge of programming languages.

Website builders provide approachable optimization tools. For example, Tilda optimizes the code automatically, the user only needs to configure a few settings so simple, even a beginner can figure it out.

In competitive areas, such optimization measures won’t be enough and you’ll need to add other promotion tools with SEO optimization to the mix in order to achieve high conversion rates.

2. Make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website

According to the latest data from the international Hootsuite for SMM promotion service, the share of people using the Internet from their mobile devices hit 53.3% and is growing by an additional 8-10% each year. That’s why it’s important for your website to open properly on mobile devices. Otherwise, its owner will lose visitors.

Search engines also take this factor into account when rating websites.

You can check how optimized your websites are for mobile devices on free services like Google Mobile Friendly, Mattkersley, Responsinator.

3. Be an active social media user

Following the spread of the Internet, social networks have become #1 in terms of popularity.

An abundance of information, a user-friendly interface, and low connection requirements give social networks an edge over other services. 89% of users visit social networks, and the same number of users use instant messengers.

It’s crucial for website owners to have accounts in these networks to get a lot of cheap traffic and increase brand popularity. Ad campaigns in social media are cheaper and more accurate than in search engines. Facebook and Instagram have special tools for selling goods and services on their platforms. Telegram has also recently introduced similar features.

4. Create content that matches your business topic

Promoting social media pages will cost you more if you post unoriginal content. Users are spoiled with endless free useful information. If you provide your target audience with useful content, you’ll constantly be getting new subscribers. This will let you promote your brand practically for free.

5. Invest in online advertising campaigns

To increase the popularity of your site, you need to constantly launch ad campaigns. The most popular and most expensive search engine promotion method.

To launch a campaign in Google Ads, you need to pick out a semantic core, these are keywords and combinations through which the website will be shown to the user. If you mess up this step, you risk wasting your ad budget and not getting a single new client.

A cheaper option for the cost of a click is to launch ad campaigns on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. To secure a high conversion rate, determine what social network most of your target audience hangs out in.

It’s important to follow all the network’s ad rules, lest you lose both your account and the money you invested in the campaign. Tech support doesn’t reply promptly or work properly in certain regions. Social media is a great place to promote educational projects, IT services, and offers for the following topics: fashion, traveling, catering, and events.

If you need to attract large volumes of cheap traffic from different sources, the most effective way to do that would be to register with an ad network. It’s a free service that connects advertisers and webmasters. The client that is looking for traffic interacts only with the affiliate program and pays only for confirmed conversions.

Push-Notification, Popup (Popunder), Native, Mobile Push-up, On-Page Notification ad formats, various payment models for a referred client, and more than 157 countries with which you can work are available in the Galaksion ad network. This lets you receive any volume of high-quality traffic. Unlike social networks and large advertising platforms, here the advertiser is assigned a personal manager who is always in touch and can provide advice on any issue.

6. Increase your online presence with the help of well-known bloggers and influencers

If your product or service may interest the target audience of popular bloggers, you can hire them to sponsor it. Such marketing is suitable for businesses with large ad budgets. For popular bloggers, prices for an ad post or Instagram stories mention start at $5,000-10,000. Not all products can be successfully promoted via this method. It’s crucial that the blog’s target audience coincides with your product’s, otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money.

They’re also social media influencers. Large brands make popular media personalities their representatives and expose the latter’s audience to their product. Such a marketing method can be used only if your ad budgets reach $100,000-200,000.

You can buy ads from bloggers on services like TrendHero, Epic Stars, and Stories Again.

It’s effective to launch such ad campaigns if they promote products that are popular among the younger generation: fashion brands, sharing services, fintech, IT, and educational services because the audience of bloggers is around 20-35 years old.

7. Register on aggregator websites or marketplaces

Online shopping was popular in the past decade. Such pages allowed businesses to sell products directly.

At that time, aggregators and marketplaces were just starting to develop and were used mainly as an additional promotion tool. Current trends, however, indicate that such services are actively replacing other sale methods.

Services like Amazon and eBay have insane ad budgets, competitively low prices, and smart logistics.

The popularity of marketplaces lies in their user-friendliness. The client is already accustomed to buying goods of different categories in one place and having them delivered to their doorstep shortly after. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t provide such a variety of goods and fast logistics, therefore they can’t compete with marketplaces. But they can register with the marketplace for free and promote their goods without needing to cover delivery expenses.

For small e-commerce businesses, this method is becoming one of their main sales channels.

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