10 Ways to get More Satisfied Customers

10 Ways to get More Satisfied Customers

How do you treat your customers, really? Of course, you think you are providing good customer service, but what do your customers think? Here you will find help to find more satisfied customers and get them to buy more.

Below we share 10 points for getting more satisfied customers:

1. Have the right mental attitude

Do you want to be a winner or a loser? Having the right attitude and seeing opportunities instead of problems is crucial for a successful enterprise. Anyone who digs into the problems or automatically says no to changes will not succeed.

2. Be polite

This is really simple – yet it is so easy to forget how important it is to always greet politely, show interest when others speak and make every effort to speak clearly and not too quickly. When you have, for example, run a presentation several times, it is easy to hurry away without thinking that this is actually the first time this customer hears you and must get a chance to digest your message.

3. Listen, listen, listen

Today, people tend to talk more than listen. Therefore, anyone who really listens to their customers will be perceived as a very nice business contact who cares. When you talk, don’t just talk about yourself, but try to direct the conversation to the person you’re talking to.

All questions a customer asks are really buying signals. By listening properly you can find more business opportunities.

4. Keep promises

Always call back when you have promised to call. If you have no message to share – call and say it. Send information to customers who have asked for it – or tell them immediately if you are unable to take the job.

Be honest if you can’t live up to what you have promised, but never go radio silent. Good communication is greatly appreciated, even if it involves admitting you cannot keep your promise. Honesty goes a long way.

5. Ask, ask, ask

Ask questions and be vigilant on signals that show what interests the customer. Find out what the customer’s problem is – where you have the purchase signal. Also ask specific follow-up questions, rather a question too much than one too little if it can avoid misunderstandings.

6. Sell, sell, sell

Too many entrepreneurs do not want to sell, they think the customer should buy.  In today’s business climate, you have to be able to sell.

Also, don’t forget to summarize the deal in terms of product characteristics, benefits for the customer and the significance of the deal. Finish by noting that the customer has made a good purchase – that is what everyone wants to hear.

7. Pricing

Explain to the customer why the price looks like it does. Tell about your strengths and be concrete. Don’t just say “we provide a good service”, but talk about what the customer gets for service “fast delivery, good support, etc.”. But don’t bargain.

8. Have fun

Focus on what is positive, even when it is wrong.  As an example: A bunch of workmates who drink morning coffee. One has been on a very successful holiday – good food, nice people, fantastic hotel.

But the return trip was delayed because of the airline. What do you think the conversation is about at the coffee table – the successful vacation or the departure?

A good atmosphere in the company infects the customers – what if the airline’s representatives had managed to disarm their angry passengers, what a difference it had made.

9. Be curious

What do you really know about your customers? About your competitors’ prices? About how other industries solve similar problems? By being curious and finding out how others are doing, you can learn important lessons for your own business. Okay, can it be difficult to call a competitor and ask how they have such satisfied customers. But why not contact someone in another location who is not directly competing with your company?

From time to time it may also be worthwhile to do more thorough research. How is it that Industry A is so much more profitable than Industry B? Make contacts across borders to learn more. This will help you improve and ultimately find ways to get more satisfied customers.

10. Follow up and invoice quickly

The best way to find out if the customer is satisfied is to ask. Either by contacting them and listening to them yourself, or by quickly invoicing. A dissatisfied customer who receives the invoice will quickly contact you. And then you quickly get right to what went wrong, before he has time to go around and spread his displeasure. You can now separate as friends – and the customer appreciates how quickly you addressed his complaint.

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