10 Reasons To Start Using An Online Form

Your website is your business’ greeting card. To encourage visitors to get in touch, inquire about your services, and turn into self-standing leads, you need to give them an intuitive user experience, particularly when it comes to initiating conversation, Staying in touch with your audience’s wants and needs as a business is highly important, especially in today’s digital age. Let’s explore the different ways in which integrated form backend solutions can benefit your business, Headlessforms is unique and the fact that it is very easy to use and integrate with any kind of tools and CRMs.

Keep in mind that your data collection efforts will only be as effective as the questions you ask in the forms that should be fully customizable to your company’s exact needs. 

10 reasons to create a web form and manage with Headlessforms form backend solution.

1. Cheaper

There is no need to print paper forms and waste money on postage stamps when you use Headlessforms backend solution, it can reduce your custom coding dependability and costs further by meaning you won’t have to allocate time and resources to enter results into a database – responses are downloaded automatically and the results are accessible at any time for analysis.

2. Faster

No time is wasted waiting for paper questionnaires to be delivered to you, information is gathered automatically. You can quickly connect any kind of web forms with headlessforms backend and obtain feedback almost instantly.

3. Customer tailored

By using customised forms, means your form fields can be added differently so that questions that are not relevant to a particular audience can be skipped on your web pages. This can help in getting useful information without the reader having to sort through irrelevant questions.

4. Easy data handling

Getting feedback from your users on internet, data collection through online surveys are gaining popularity because of the simplicity of data entry and ease of processing. The data entered by the user can be quickly evaluated and analysed and move to your CRM, web tools. This significantly reduces the time gap between the collection of data and its evaluation.

5. Convenient

On your web form online, participants can provide quick response that suit them best to answer the questions. Also, the user can take their time to provide longer and more detailed answers to the questions.

6. Innovative

Your forms will perfectly match your website’s design since headlessforms inherit your website’s CSS, giving your forms a custom-branded look and can be brought to life without any additional code for designing, it is made for your convenience to related with your users matching the brand identity.

7. Easy follow up

You can easily follow up with the respondent by just dropping them an email. This way it is convenient both for you and for the customer.

8. multi-step forms

You can easily connect headlessforms backed with multi-step contact form so that your customer cannot access to the second step without answering the first, which reduces the occurrence of getting user feedback as per designed and helps in yielding accurate results.

9. Global sampling

With the ever increasing number of internet users globally, you can use a single form to any location with just connecting the Headlessforms endpoint. Get access to the opinions and insights of user from worldwide and spam free response from them, integrate to 1000+ tools using zapier and use them wherever you want.

10. More response rates

Using one single for endpoint of Headless form can be used for multiple purpose and places like these days many people engage in lively debates online and with the increasing popularity and expediency of the internet, customers are more likely to respond to feedback, survey forms. This boosts the response rate greatly 

To sum up, Headlessforms that integrate with a CRM with Zapier allow you to reach out and get information from your target audiences directly, This “compatible duo” can also help you improve some of your everyday marketing and contact management activities.

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