Terms & Conditions

Last modified April 1, 2017

Welcome to Veloce. These terms and conditions and all applicable service-specific terms (“Terms of Service” or “Agreement”) govern your access to and use of any websites, mobile sites, mobile applications, products or services offered by Veloce. (“Veloce” “we” “us”) based on the plan you purchased (the “Services”), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.


Veloce offer its services to you subject to the following terms and conditions, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.

VeloceNetwork can be defined as “Veloce” “VeloceNetwork” “we “us” “our” in this Terms & conditions page.

All services and products provided by Veloce Network are governed by the terms below.


To get access to our register, you must have a Silver – or Gold Membership. By becoming Silver – or Gold Member of Velocenetwork.com it connects the visitor to follow these conditions. The following conditions apply to both memberships. When the visitor signs up as a member at Veloce Network, he or she accepts the conditions on this page.


The visitor may not use information from Velocenetwork.com in a commercial way that can be used in a business that competes with Veloce. Memberships are personal and several people are not allowed to share accounts.The member is responsible for the acts done by the visitor’s account. Login information in the form of Username and Password created for the use of services on Veloce may only be used by the individual personally. The visitor agrees not to disclose the login information (username and password) for the membership of VeloceNetwork.com to another party. If the membership holder and visitor gets knowledge about their credentials coming out for some reason, the visitor and member must change password immediately.


All intellectual property rights including services provided on Velocenetwork.com and the technical solutions used for the provision of these, user interface design, software, and system architecture and design belongs to Velocenetwork.com and is not allowed to be used by visitors in a broader context by the features of the service than those provided in these terms. VeloceNetwork.com will under no circumstances acquire a visitor or a third party any intellectual property rights to the service or the software or technical solutions used in the service or to any trademarks belonging to or used by Velocenetwork.com. The visitor agrees to comply with current copyright rules, any other relevant intellectual property rules, rules on the protection of personal data, market law and other relevant legislation when visitors use the information provided through the service Veloce. The visitor receives under this agreement no right to reproduce (copy), and / or, transmit, distribute, perform or otherwise make available to the public or third party material provided by Velocenetwork.com. The visitor only has the right to own medium transfer input textual, images, or images for printing or reading in the extent permitted by copyright. Electronic processing as e.g. indexing and / or database storage is prohibited. The visitor does not have the right to another party, convey, sell or reproduce the information detailed text material, photos, other pictures, or other work.


Velocenetwork.com is normally available via the Internet around the clock seven days a week. Accessibility is not always supervised. Velocenetwork.com thus can not guarantee that the services are free of interruptions, errors or disturbances. Velocenetwork.com has the right to take measures that affect the aforementioned accessibility of Velocenetwork.com consider that to be necessary for technical, maintenance, operational or safety reasons. The visitor is also aware of and acknowledges the visitor the opportunity to have access to the Internet can not be guaranteed by Velocenetwork.com and Velocenetwork.com not responsible for inaccuracies in the Visitor’s own Internet connections or equipment.


Velocenetwork.com should fix errors or omissions in a way Velocenetwork.com deems appropriate. Velocenetwork.com has the right to close the website and the services of this maintenance work or upgrades.


Services at Velocenetwork.com will be continuously developed. Velocenetwork.com are therefore entitled to from time to time make changes in the services and such changes may relate to the sources monitored, the number of monitored sources, procedures for operations, technical systems and the like. Velocenetwork.com strive to the extent possible, ensure that the data and information that is available on the website is correct. Velocenetwork.com does not provide any guarantee or other representation about the content of the information or its nature in general. Users of the site may not towards Velocenetwork.com to any remedy, including a claim for compensation for financial or other harm as a result of errors or alleged errors in the information on this site.


The visitor pays a special subscription fee for service membership per month. The durations of the subscriptions are six months or one year at a time and visitors are thus guaranteed against price increases for each contract period (6 or 12 months based on your subscription plan). Velocenetwork.com other hand, has the right to increase the price for a new period.


Payment card payments are handled by our payment partner Paypal to guarantee secure payments. Paypal conduct verification of card data accuracy and that there is coverage for the purchase. After purchase you are automatically returned to Velocenetwork.com and receive your membership. When purchase of membership you agree that Paypal store your credit card for future charges of Velocenetwork.com under your Membership subscription. See 10 subscription period. For paid Services purchased online, you must provide www.velocenetwork.com with a valid credit card or other payment method  (e.g., PayPal account) to pay for such services. Some Services may be available as a one-time purchase, and others can be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription.


Membership subscription expires six (6) months or one (1) year period counted from the first day of the Visitor’s payment to Velocenetwork.com. The subscription is automatically renewed every six (6) or twelve (12) months at a time, unless you denounces the subscription before the contract period. If the subscription is terminated later, the termination action and subscription expires at the end of the next twelve-month period. Upon termination of your membership terminates your membership and you will no longer have access to its content. Termination of the subscription takes place under the heading “Unsubscribe” on the visitor’s account page. Subscriptions are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (as per the option chosen when you purchased such Online Services) and are non-refundable for the subscription period they are purchased for. Upon termination of your membership terminates your membership and you get further access to its content. Termination of the subscription takes place under the heading “Unsubscribe” on the visitor’s account page.


The visitor should, in order to assert a claim, a claim without delay from the time the visitor become aware or should have been aware of the fact on which the claim is based. The visitor agrees that withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of the membership.


Each of Velocenetwork.com and the visitor has the right to cancel the subscription of service with immediate effect; a) the other by a major breach of its conditions of use, b) the other party in another (non-significantly) violating the terms and the latter is not within 14 days of a written request, rectify the fault, or c ) if other party goes bankrupt, requested liquidation, or there is another reason to apprehend that the other party is insolvent, or d) on the basis of cut-off exists (see below) . The visitor is not entitled to any refund of paid subscription fees for the visitor cancel your subscription during the contract period. Return policy is applicable only to the “Influencer List” service.


Velocenetwork.com have the right to immediately shut down the visitor’s access to Velocenetwork.com (disable visitor access to Velocenetwork.com), if: a) The visitor after reminder not timely pay the full subscription fee for membership, b) The visitor uses the service on a way in breach of Velocenetwork.com security and management measures, c) the visitor is not (any longer) satisfy the requirements for a membership, or e) the visitor otherwise violates these Terms. d) The visitor although caution spreading advertising messages or comments that can be considered offensive or less suitable. Velocenetwork.com reserves the right to determine what is considered offensive or less suitable. Acting on which the shutdown is also the basis for the cancellation of the subscription. If the shutdown happens, Visitor’s account may be suspended without notice.


According to the Personal Data Act (1998: 2004), no registration of personal data take place without the person’s consent. By becoming a member you agree to Velocenetwork.com stores the information given in order to be used for the services Velocenetwork.com and its partners offer. Velocenetwork.com treats Visitor’s personal information to administer services and subscription, giving the visitor offers of new products and services, conducting other marketing activities, and to provide a basis for Velocenetwork.com market and customer analyzes, business and method development and statistical purposes. Personal information that the visitor leaves the Velocenetwork.com or otherwise registered in connection with the contractual relationship, may be considered by Velocenetwork.com both in Sweden and abroad. By becoming a member of Velocenetwork.com you agree to receive emails with industry-related information and advertising. Of course you can at any time cancel your membership and thus not receive our mailings. Velocenetwork.com can also obtain information from private and public registers and complete personal information with them. Personal information may be retained and used for any of the purposes specified above even after the termination of the subscription. By accepting these conditions leaves the visitor consent to the processing of personal data as described.


Swedish law apply to these terms and parties’ contractual relationship. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and contractual relationship regarding the services to be determined by Stockholm District Court.