Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity over the years, and that may not be very surprising considering the statistics that influencer marketing is able to generate:

Consumers trust traditional advertisements less than ever before, and this means that you need to find new ways to reach and impact your target audience. Influencer marketing is one of them.

But while you might have found suitable influencers to partner with, you might find that it is hard to do influencer outreach. And you’re not alone.

In fact,  69% of marketers say the biggest challenge for them is to reach out and engage with influencers.

Influencers get an enormous number of proposals from brands every single day, and this means that the influencers only have the time and possibility to partner with a selected few at a time. Furthermore, due to the large number of requests, influencers tend to go through the outreaches quickly and ignore the outreaches which sounds just like all of the other outreach messages they receive from brands which sound like canned messages.

Successfully doing influencer outreach is hard, and doing it successfully is extremely time-consuming. If you want to do successful influencer outreach, you need to personalize your message, build relationship, prevent cold-outreach, and stand out from the crowd. Few brands have a strategy for doing this, and this is therefore the reason why they cite influencer outreach as one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing.

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