List Of 10 Influencer Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know Of

List Of 10 Influencer Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know Of

Looking for influencers who share their passion for fashion on their blog?

Struggling with finding suitable ones to partner with as a brand?

Don’t worry. Finding suitable influencers is the single biggest challenge for marketers, so you are not alone. To help you find fashion influencers to partner with, I’ve compiled a List Of 10 Influencer Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know Of that might be suitable for your brand. All influencers are identified using our influencer directory that allows you to filter and search among 3k+ carefully selected and hand-picked influencers.

Yes, it is true that finding influencers is a difficult part and a major challenge for marketers, but it is unnecessary to make it more difficult than it needs to be. By using a service like Veloce, you can find highly relevant and specific influencers that match your brand’s needs so that you can save time and effort, and put your focus on creating a kick-ass campaign instead.

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1. Alix-

2. Andi Singer –

3. Audrey –

4. Kaitlyn Ham –

5. Katey –

6. Emily Luciano –

7. Pauline Baly  –

8. Ashley Schuberg –


10. Courtney Quinn –

Need more detailed and specific fashion bloggers that are more relevant to your brand?

Take a look at our FREE Demo influencer directory where you can try out our filtering system.

If you want to learn more, feel free to email me at Jens(at) and I’ll personally assist you.

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