Hotels & Influencer Marketing

Hotels & Influencer Marketing – Infographic

It’s difficult to ignore the amount of buzz that is surrounding the whole area of influencer marketing in the B2C niche. Many marketing executives are scrambling to link up with relevant influencers in order to tap into their voice and reach with relevant target markets.

Influencer marketing has presented a new opportunity for marketers to get in front of niche audiences that might otherwise have escaped them. We have seen budgets for this kind of work rise and we have also witnessed the emergence of a whole new segment of influencer marketing agencies who represent and monetize traffic for these individuals we now refer to as “influencers”. So the question is does this have relevance to the hotel industry?

Already we see many hotels all over the world certainly think so as they have invited these individuals to their hotels to project their offering to the influencer’s followers on various platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and so on. There are many ways that the hotel industry has been digitized, with everything from Hotelling software to online booking. But digital marketing and specifically influencer marketing is also playing an even more important role than ever.

It is easy to get carried away in this world and it’s easy to throw away money on paying certain influencers to feature your hotel so it’s important that it’s a planned process. The people at Ard na Sidhe have put together this infographic below which examines the whole area of hotel influencer marketing and hopefully answers some questions on how the hospitality industry should approach it in the best possible sense. Check out the details below.

Killarney group of Hotels

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