Influencer Marketing

“Brands should spend 95% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing and Facebook ads” -Gary Vaynerchuk

We help businesses market their brands with the reach of targeted influencers. Marketing means nothing if it isn’t targeted. We are all about helping brands build genuine relationships with the right audience. With the help of the targeted search function when searching for influencers, you are sure to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Filter influencers in the Veloce Influencer Directory based on the following criteria


We have specialised our directory in these niches: Fitness, Fashion, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Cars & Watches.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Blog


Our directory contains both male and female influencers.


Search for influencers with a minimum of 10K followers on any given platform – up to several millions.


Our directory contains influencers from all around the world.

How we can help

In order to help you grow your business, our influencer marketing experts will guide you through the process on our website to help you get the best marketing results possible.

Target your audience

With the help of our filtered search tool, you can filter influencers based on location, gender, niche, age, followers.

Reach the larger mass

Reach up to millions of potential new customers with the help of targeted influencer marketing.

Partner with leading influencers

From small influencers to industry-leading influencers, our influencer network is sure to have something for every brand’s needs- including yours.