Metaverse comes in second place as Oxford’s word of the year

“Goblin mode” was chosen by the Oxford University Press as the word of the year for 2022. People could take part in the process for the first time. On the other hand, “Metaverse” came in second. Over 300,000 people voted on the three words Oxford Languages thought best.

People have talked about the metaverse since long before Facebook. Online communities like Discord and platform games like Roblox show how they can be used and how appealing they can be. It won’t be possible to turn on the metaverse, so it won’t work. Some of it has already happened to you, whether you knew it or not. The difference between who you are in real life and online is getting smaller and smaller. From natural life to the Internet and then back to real life.

Apps and games are online places where you can meet new people

The metaverse is not like a 3D world. Instead, it is a step toward making the link between our physical and digital identities more immersive, real-time, and accurate to us. This change could make us think and act differently about technology. The metaverse is how things have changed since people started using the mobile internet. It makes it hard to tell where the real world ends, and the digital world begins.

Meta’s dystopia is empty and has no heart, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the metaverse doesn’t do well. Decentraland will only be able to make a digital universe if it spends a lot of money and works for two years. A popular independent game gets more attention than a project.

To get to the metaverse, you have to use magic

When people played video games, they always felt like the magic was happening. The most exciting thing you can do in Animal Crossing is seen your cat neighbor. In Horizon Worlds, you can see your co-worker sitting at a meeting table without legs. It’s hard to make a business culture that makes people happy, and it might even be impossible when your money comes from getting more clicks or whatever call to action exists in 3D. Immersive experiences are hard to make interesting because they need magic. bitcoin 360 ai is the place to go for crypto trading and investing.

On the other hand, artists only have a little room to make their magic on 3D platforms like Roblox and VRChat. You can see how different they are when you spend time in a user-made world like VRChat instead of a corporate world like Horizon Worlds. The first one is shocking and shows that people can be good. The second one makes sense and is sad.

But artists must be interested in a particular medium and have the tools they need to work in it. Paying people to make content doesn’t work and is going out of style. Creative people don’t want their dreams crushed to make money, and they don’t want their choices to be limited by the limits of a platform.

For the metaverse to work, people must own it.

Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are often seen as a way to give power back to the end user by making the collector, not the platform, the actual owner. All of this is true.

On the other hand, people work harder when they make things and own what they make. Their work can be sold immediately and for good, so they don’t have to worry about writing content for other websites or business ads. In the best case, which is not likely, it is run in a truly decentralized way and doesn’t involve lying.

The people who make the metaverse should decide how it looks. It’s important that it’s not centralized and that people own it. With tokenization, social networks like Instagram and Snapchat won’t be able to charge people who make content for it. This means that a brand can make and sell their work without paying them. This means that creators can follow the rules of social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. They can do whatever they want. Protocols that are made for decentralization will be the ones that creators will want to use. This will help people make cool new places and learn more about what it means to be creative in the metaverse. The process of gentrification could happen again in the future.

Meta is made so that ads and partnerships with brands come first. This plan is meant to hurt both artists and users. This means the artist cannot change the work in any way they want.

You need a place to start in the metaverse

Even if you own the digital rights and are very motivated, making that kind of magic in the metaverse is hard. Even the best 3D worlds and online meeting places can’t make us feel like we’re there. Aside from how they affect the economy, non-fiat currencies haven’t changed anything in the real world yet. Up until now, URL has yet to be used for anything important.

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