Sveriges Största Influenser på Instagram 2020

Sveriges Största Influenser på Instagram 2020

Influencer Marketing continues to be one of the fastest growing trends in marketing and developed into an important part of the media mix that companies use to reach out to their audiences.

Influencer marketing company Beatly lists Sweden’s biggest influencers on Instagram for the second year in a row, where we find several newcomers, including Bianca Ingrosso, who has had tremendous growth from followers in 2019.

According to Survey Swedes and the Internet, 41% of Sweden’s Instagram users use the app daily. This means that Instagram is still a preferred and very important channel for influencer collaborations and advertising. Influencer marketing is expected to continue to grow and crack the billions in the euro in 2020, according to IRM’s latest forecast.

A major change for 2019 is that Instagram phased out the possibilities for users to see likes on other people’s posts, which means that companies and influencers need to find other measuring points and ways to evaluate their collaborations.

The survey is made through Beatly’s independent platform where they analyzed the accounts that are largest in Sweden on Instagram. The profiles with the highest proportion of Swedish followers are Therese Lindgren (71.94%) and Bianca Ingrosso (65.2%), compared to Anna Nyström (number 1 on the list) with less than 4.5% Swedish followers of the total.

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