How Your Business Can Get Free Marketing

How Your Business Can Get Free Marketing

We entrepreneurs are happy to find creative channels for our companies’ marketing…

We entrepreneurs like to find creative channels for our companies’ marketing, but sometimes the imagination runs out and we may need a little help. Here you are offered eight ways to spread your company’s message free of charge. Perfect tips also for you who are just starting your own.

1. Use the email smartly

Use the signature in your email to get visitors to your site. Write an attractive sentence about a news, an offer, a competition or something else that happens on the page. Ask the reader to click on the site to read more.

2. Use the answering machine

If you have an answering machine that customers call, you can easily create additional sales. When the caller is waiting to be connected, he or she can listen to a message about your news or a special offer.

3. Use autoresponder

Today, there are a number of smart programs that help you automate the email process. If you are on holiday, you can, for example, post a message that you are away, but that the visitor is welcome to click on your site and read about your fantastic news.

4. Have your site address everywhere

Every day, a wealth of information leaves your business. It can be about emails, flyers,
product descriptions, letters, business cards and much more. And we want to strongly point out: Always include your site address in all information!

5. Use EVERYTHING as channels

Have you considered that you can use your car, your bike, your jacket and so on as marketing channels? Of course, it’s just a matter of placing the logo and a selling slogan on suitable surfaces and thereby getting automatic marketing for a long time to come. And you can always place the car in strategic places where your customers gather!

6. Have a sharp newsletter

With a newsletter, you can easily reach your customers and visitors with information and offers. The more email addresses you manage to collect via your page, the better the effect of the letter. The great thing about a newsletter is that you reach exactly those who are interested in your products, and it does not take you many minutes to design each letter. Just make sure that the letter really has a value to the recipient.

7. Sales / marketing

Sales and marketing are every small business owner’s most important challenge, so put a lot of effort and time here. How to market and sell? How many calls do you need to make each day? Sell ​​is always number one!

8. Build an alliance

Write down ten other companies in your city that have the same type of customers as you, but are not competitors. Form an alliance with these and exchange customers with each other. This can be done, for example, by exchanging flyers with each other, or by linking to each other’s pages.

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