Why Social Media Influencer Marketing Will Explode
Social media marketing is growing more in popularity than ever before among marketers.

As with everything, there is a reason to it.

Social media marketing with the help of influencers is generating tremendous results for brands with an ROI that is hard for most sources of marketing to beat.

Social media influencer marketing has grown to be a crucial advertising strategy for a lot of companies that help create credible and trusted endorsements of products through trusted industry-leading influencers.

Ninety-four percent of those who used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective.

In 2016, most marketers spent between $25,000 and $50,000 per influencer marketing program but as more and more brands realize that influencer marketing can help grow their business and build brand awareness, the influencer marketing industry is expected to double in size by 2019.

Today, the Instagram influencer market is a $1 billion industry but it will be booming even more by 2019 as studies have shown that it has the possibility of becoming a $2B industry by then.

The constant decline of TV use and the fact that influencer marketing offers a more targeted marketing campaign than TV ads does, have made it possible for the extreme growth of influencer marketing.

Why Social Media Influencer Marketing Will Explode

Influencer marketing is growing fast

Influencer marketing is now one of the fastest growing categories in advertising and is therefore expected to become and $5-10 billion market by 2020.

Within the branch of social media influencer marketing that includes social media platforms such as Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook (among many others), Instagram is one of the most, if not the most evolving platform that is gaining traction from brands that wants to improve their marketing results.

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