Why Influencer marketing is so Effective on Instagram

Have you ever wondered why you buy the clothes and things you do? What made you want that particular jacket or cell phone? Somewhere, someone else who wore the jeans or who showed off their iPhone with the shell you now have in your hand and are so happy with. No matter how much we try to imagine that we have our own tastes and go our own ways, we are influenced by others in our buying decisions. We follow others, want to look like others and have the same things as others. That’s how it is and that’s how we humans work. Why is influencer marketing so effective on Instagram? Instagram is an excellent channel for influencer marketing. Here, influencers can show off clothing, jewelry, mobile shells and you name it, to all their followers. This channel is about showing off a lifestyle, trends and interests. Think about it. How many do you follow on Instagram that you do not have a similar lifestyle to yourself? Or you wouldn’t want to have a similar lifestyle as? Instagram is a visual channel and we love to buy with our eyes. We love it! When followers see an influencer in the earrings you sell in your webshop, they will want the same. The influencer may even offer a 20% discount if you enter a specific code during your purchase. Here, brands have a gold mine. Instagram is the perfect channel for this type of marketing.


Niche market

When looking for influencers who may be of interest to a collaboration, you should focus on those who have followers that belong to your target audience. Using an influencer with female followers aged 16-25 will not benefit your webshop that sells agents that will increase hair growth for men, for example. Dig deeper. Start by looking for people in your target audience who are on Instagram. Example: Women aged 20-35 with toddlers living in a big city. It is not super difficult to find these on the channel. Once you find a bunch that qualifies for your target audience, find out who they are following. Here you will find the influencers you should try to collaborate with. Here you have to think about and think a step further than just whether the influencer is big or not. There are more factors than the number of followers to consider. Just because an Instagram profile has hundreds of thousands of followers does not mean that they are the best option to use as an influencer. They must create valuable content that will make your target audience act and want to buy. If increased sales is your goal with Instagram marketing, of course. A credible influencer with fewer followers is a better alternative than a non-credible influencer with many followers. Some research is needed to find the right one. Good influencers know what their followers want, so let them create the content and don’t put too much effort into it. They know how to best present your product to their followers. To think of: Instagram is a visual platform where you as a brand can choose to promote your products with a profile where they fit. Influencers who interact and care about their followers get a crowd of devoted people who feel an emotional community. It is important that the entries are not over-edited but genuine and authentic – it creates honest relationships with the followers. Right niche. The influencer’s identity should match your brand. Continuous commitment. Reach may not be the most important thing to measure, neither for you nor the influencer, but how much engagement the posts create can be a more important measuring point in many cases.

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