What is Influencer Marketing and What Does It Mean?

Influencer marketing is a relatively new form of marketing.

Influencer marketing focuses on using so-called influencers who are leaders and go-to persons within a particular niche and industry on social media platforms. These social media platforms can be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or blogs. The point is that influencers are influencing people’s lives in some way. Therefore, the name influencer.

Influencer marketing is becoming a larger part of brands marketing strategy due to the great results it can generate.

How it works:

The idea with influencer marketing is that the influencer markets a brand’s product to their followers by writing a review or any other form of endorsement about the product to get their followers to engage in the brand or buy the product etc.

Influencer marketing focuses on generating a very targeted marketing campaign with the help of carefully chosen influencers instead of marketing to the big mass that often generates a very low ROI. Instead of marketing with display ads and showing your ad to tens of thousands while the reality is that only a few individuals will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer (because the ad isn’t targeted).

With influencer marketing, you can instead target an audience that suits your brand’s niche and thereby get a better result and a higher ROI.

Influencer marketing is almost always associated with some sort of social media marketing and that’s what defines an influencer.

For the influencer to be an influencer, they have to have some form of audience that they can connect with and have an impact on and social media is the perfect tool for just that.

Influencer campaigns can be done in a few different ways. The things that can decide how an influencer marketing campaign is done can depend on the size of the influencer’s followings, niche, overall influence and a lineup of other things.


Some influencers may want cold hard cash in return for a product endorsement while influencers that have a smaller follower base often satisfy with the product (that they can photograph and post on their social media).

Content creating

If you don’t provide the influencer with a product of yours that they can photograph and share with their audience, then you have to create the content that you want them to post.

When deciding about this, you have to think about if it is suitable that the photo is taken by you and not the influencer and if the photo you’ve arranged fits in their overall feed and image.

If yes, awesome!

If not, then the endorsement might not be as trustworthy and the results might not be as good.
Brands partnering up with influencers in their marketing strategy is becoming more and more popular- and it’s quite obvious why.

The influencers are personalities that have a deep engagement with their followers and therefore have a bigger impact than if a brand would try to market their own product. The power of affecting someone to the point that they buy something is increased dramatically if the followers are looking up to the person recommending the product and this is the case for most influencers. The followers of the influencers often are fans that want to be just like them, wear the same clothes and use the same products. And this is one of the reasons that influencer marketing is so effective.

It’s hard to compare that to billboard marketing, right? Because who looks up to a wooden board with an ad on it? Well, people are of course looking up at the billboard but not looking up to it.. (Pun intended).

NOTE: If you are to begin a collaboration with an influencer, have in mind that not all influencers fits all brands since the followers have different interests. It is very important to study the influencers page very carefully before a partnership is introduced. This is to be sure that you will get the best results possible.

This is where Veloce Influencer Network comes in and solves a previously major issue in influencer marketing which was finding suitable influencers.

With the help of the Veloce Influencer Network, you can filter thousands of influencers based on niche, followers, platform and much more so you can be sure to get the best ROI possible.

Another reason that influencer marketing has grown to be so incredibly popular in just a few years is that it’s a cheap way of reaching a bigger audience. Influencers with a few thousand followers can be a perfect marketing tool for businesses with a small marketing budget but also good for larger companies that can partner up with a lot of them at once.

If the influencer agrees on just receiving a product, then it can be an even more affordable way of getting the word out about your products if the products you sell have a low cost to produce.