The Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

There are lots, and I mean LOTS of advantages of influencer marketing but as with everything, there are of course some cons. Today however, I’ll be listing the benefits of influencer marketing and talk about each benefit briefly and what they mean for companies.

The Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

1. Grow your audience

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Influencer marketing has a huge power when it comes to helping brands grow their audience on social media.

Everyone wants to grow their audience these days in order to increase their reach, impact and ultimately increase sales thanks to a big following.

Influencers are helping brands achieve this. Most brands partner up with influencers that has a larger following than themselves in order to reach more people and get better results. This means that with the help of influencer marketing, a lot of people will get informed of your brand’s existence and many will start to follow you.

With the fact that influencer marketing is so targeted, there’s a big chance that many people will find your brand interesting and therefore you will grow your following very rapidly with influencer marketing.

2. Attract quality leads

Influencer marketing is all about generating high-quality leads.

The reason why influencer marketing generates way better leads than a lot of other sources of marketing is because it is extremely targeted.

When brands are partnering up with influencers, it is the brand that choose which influencer they are going to work with. Brands often choose their influencers based on criteria such as following, niche, age, gender, niche and much more. It can be hard to find and time-consuming for brands to find the ultimate influencer but with VeloceNetwork‘s database, you can search through thousands of influencers based on your preferred criteria and find one suitable for you.

With the ability to choose influencers based on all these criteria, it opens up a completely new way of marketing that is more  targeted han most marketing sources for brands.

With TV advertising, however, there’s no chance for brands to decide who are going to see their ads which mean that the leads that are generated are not very effective.

3. Improve credibility

Social media influencers are working hard to grow their audience and relationship with their followers. This also means that their followers have built trust for the influencer that your brand can benefit from when partnering with them.

Most influencers have built a strong reputation on social media and by letting them market your products to their loyal fans by making them showcase the products in front of their audience, your brand will earn trust instantly as well.

4. Improve SEO

Blogging influencers are very common as well, and it is bloggers that you should  focus on working with if you’re looking to improve the SEO of your website.

By letting high-authority influencers market your website and products on their blog, you will get quality backlinks from websites that are trusted by Google (and other search engines).

These valuable backlinks can help you rank higher in search engine results, meaning more website visitors and in the long run more sales.

5. It’s cheap

Social media influencer marketing is cheap. Even if you think it is expensive, it is still cheap compared to other marketing sources based on the results influencer marketing is generating.

Just read these statistics of influencer marketing and see how great of an ROI it generates:

  • 40% of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or YouTube (Twitter and Annalect, 2016)
  • Ninety-four percent of those who used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective.

As a matter of fact, because influencer marketing has shown to be so effective in terms of generating a high ROI, marketers said in 2016 that they spend between $25,000 and $50,000 per influencer marketing program.

The survey respondents reported those figures will double to $50,000 to $100,000 per program next year because of its effectiveness.

6. Saves time

Even if it might not seem like it, influencer marketing actually saves time compared to other ways of marketing.

This is because influencer marketing campaigns basically run themselves. The only thing you as a marketer needs to do is find the influencers (which now has become extremely easy with the help of the VeloceNetwork, build a relationship with the influencer, send product/content to them, pay (if this is the agreement) and lastly, confirm the content that the influencers are going to post so it aligns with your brand’s values.

It might seem like a lot but compared to classic display ads where you often have to spend thousands of dollars just to create the content to advertise with, it really isn’t.

7. Targeted way of marketing

Running a successful marketing campaign is all about marketing your brand to the right audience.

This is what influencer marketing does the best. Instead of marketing with display ads to let’s say, 100K people, where you have to pay for each view of your ad when only 800 is genuinely interested in what your brand has to offer, you can instead market with the help of influencer to let’s say, 50K people, where 45K of those are interested in what you have to offer.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

8. People tend to trust influencers more than brands

The power of influencer marketing

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Influencers spend most of their time building relationships and trust with their followers.

There’s a reason that influencers are called influencers and that is because they influence people’s decisions, thoughts, opinions and what they buy.

This is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is so effective. Because influencers have more trust that brands, they can affect their followers to buy something in a way that brands have a very hard time to do.

Therefore, brands can team up with influencers and in that way gain trust and more sales.

9. Measure results

Influencer marketing also gives you the opportunity of measuring the results of your influencer marketing campaign.

Almost all social media platforms are offering some sort of insight statistics service to see what results the campaign generated.

Just ask the influencer to send the statistics after they’ve marketed your product and note the results.

This can also help you learn more about what works well and what works better so you can improve your influencer marketing campaigns in the future.