The Most Effectual Ways to Connect With Social Media Influencers

This article will be a short but sweet one where we’re discussing how you can connect with social media influencers – the right way.

How you approach someone has a huge importance on how people see you. When contacting influencers for partnerships, it’s important that you are professional and do it in the right manner.

When getting in contact with them you are going to want to keep your message short and to the point, to avoid wasting their time.

There are usually many different ways to get in touch with the influencer but some ways are better than others.

The Most Effectual Ways to Connect With Social Media Influencers

1. Email

Email is undoubtedly the best way to contact influencers. It sends signals that you are a serious brand. You should also focus on writing a good message because that will tell a bit about you, for example, if you’ve taken the time to write it or you’re just throwing something together because “you’ve heard influencer marketing is the new thing”. These types of things are so easy to spot, especially for influencers so make sure you’re approaching them with a good message.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the influencers’ email address. They might not have written it anywhere in their profile and not on their website either (if they have one). When using Veloce Network influencer directory, however, all registered influencers have an email address so all you need to do is filter the influencers, click their profile and then email them! Easy as that.

2. Direct message

These second best way to contact influencers is with the help of direct messages.

Sometimes, the influencer doesn’t have an email or it’s difficult to find it, then Direct message is a good way to get in touch with the influencer.

Most social media platforms have some sort of direct message/personal message feature and because the influencer is just that – a social media influencer, getting a hold of them with the help of private messages shouldn’t be an issue.


If you know the company or website of the influencer you’re reaching out to but can’t find their email address, just type it into It looks around online for all the emails associated with that domain. Once it’s done, it’ll spit out a nice little (or big) list, and you just look for the name or department you need to contact!

4. LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups: If you can’t get an email address, but want to make contact, try LinkedIn. But what if you’re not connected? You just need to join a group they’re in. Group members can message each other without using LinkedIn Premium. Look at their profile, find their groups, join those groups!

5. Call them!

Most influencers don’t have their numbers public because of various reasons but if they do – call them!

If you call the influencer, it suddenly becomes personal on a completely different level compared to if you just cold-email them.

If they don’t respond..

If they don’t respond to your messages, it may depend on two main reasons.

  1. They are not interested.
  2. They haven’t seen your message.

To get them to see your message, let them know you’ve sent them a message in their comment sections. Most influencers are going through their comments so leaving a not there that you’ve messaged them, there’s a big chance they’ll check their messages.

If they have a blog, you can also contact them through the comment sections there. Just leave a comment notifying them that they’ve got a message waiting for them.