How to Leverage Your Competitors With Influencer Marketing

Are you struggling with getting your brand’s message seen in the increasing competition on social media? Are you looking for ways to leverage your competitors and rule the market?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is quite a new way of marketing where brands partner up with influential people in their niche that have a large following. Influencer marketing has grown rapidly in popularity over the last couple of years because of the high ROI it can provide. One thing is sure, influencer marketing is way much more effective than classic display ads. Not only because it’s cheaper, it also targets potential customers in a completely new way.

How to Leverage Your Competitors With Influencer Marketing

1. Find the PERFECT influencers

If your competitors are doing influencer marketing as well, it can be quite difficult finding good influencers that aren’t already taken, because most influencers don’t want to market two similar products at the same time because it harms their credibility.

To be able to leverage influencer marketing and do it better than your competitors, there’s one secret trick that will help you gain better results than them.

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Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity in a ton of niches, but the most important part is that you find influencers who are in your own niche. One niche that has started using influencers in recent times is online casinos. Of course, niches like these may be more difficult to find influencers for, but if you cannot find an influencer who isn’t in your specific niche, ask yourself who your target audience follows on social media, and then go out and look for these individuals, asking them for a partnership.

2. Measure results


If you are used to social media, you should know that measuring results is key when it comes to improving the results.

After a finished influencer marketing campaign or a post, ask the influencer to send over the statistics of the post to see the results it generated.

Measuring results will not only help you get a better understanding of what you can expect when it comes to reach etc. but also help you understand what content works well and what doesn’t.

Always improving is really the key to success and a lot of people aren’t measuring results so this can be a good way for you to leverage your competitors.

3. Build genuine connections

How to Leverage Your Competitors With Influencer Marketing

Influencers are great to have as contacts, and building a strong relationship with your influencers helps you get better results from it in the long run.

The reasons why you should build genuine connections with the influencers are many but because if an influencer is generating great results, you’ll want to continue working with that person. If the connection between you aren’t very good, the influencer might get a better offer and choose that instead.

By building connections with them, you are offering something more than just a payment for the marketing. You’re also giving each other value which will go a long way.

You will also get better results from having built genuine connections with an influencer because if the trust is big, the influencer might offer to lower the prices or become very excited about your company meaning they’ll help you for free!

4. Make a partnership mutual

This might not be completely aligned with how you can leverage influencer marketing but it’s still important enough to bring up.

Many brands are trying to suck out the most out of every influencers they work with and that tactic won’t be long-lived.

A partnership between influencer and brand should mutually beneficial.

An influencer can sense when they are being taken advantage of and as a result of that, they might do a bad job until the campaign is over.

I can assure you that some of your competitors are committing this mistake and by doing the opposite, you’ll immediately get a head start.

5. Don’t be too pushy when trying to sell

Whether it is you that write the captions and supply the influencer with all content or the influencer that is doing all the work, you have to make sure that you are not too pushy in your promotion.

I see this a lot of times where brands have partnered up with influencers and sometimes it feels like they ever are a bit desperate, just to get the most out of every influencer marketing campaign.

This is not a sustainable way and it might send out bad signals from your brand. Instead, try to provide value with the posts that the influencer is posting and try to really engage their audience.

If you make your campaign feel more “relaxed”, you’ll immediately leverage many of your competitors.

6. Be consistent

Everything worth having needs to be worked on consistently. Influencer marketing is no exception. By only running one single marketing campaign, you won’t see very much success.

By being consistent with your influencer marketing efforts, you remind people of your brand time and time over which will not only help build brand awareness but also increase the chances of selling more products.

A consistent hashtag will allow your audience to recognize your campaign, making them more likely to engage with it. Consistency is what builds trust and keeps the communication going between a brand and it’s audience.