How to Laser Target Your Marketing Efforts By Working With the Right Influencers

Which social media influencer you decide to work with plays a HUGE part in how your social media marketing campaign performs.

Because it is the social media influencer that is going to work as an extended arm for your brand to mediate your products to the customers, it is important that you choose influencers that are right for YOUR brand.

It’s understandable that brands can commit mistakes when picking influencers because it’s not an easy challenge. For example brands can partner up with influencers that normally post fashion and ask them to market their protein powder.

If you know the importance of making your marketing campaigns targeted for your target audience, you know that by the sound of the example above, the suggested partnership is not completely laser targeted.

While fashion influencers may have people who are interested into fitness as their followers, the biggest part of their follower base will be people who are interested in fashion and therefore ONLY want to see fashion related content from the influencer.

The mistake of not choosing influencers that fit your business like a glove can be an expensive one.

Why would you choose to spend your marketing budget on things that naturally will generate worse results than if you would pick the influencers more carefully?

The answer is quite clear which is that you don’t actually want to spend your budget on things that generate worse results but the reality is that it just turns out that way.

Most often thanks to the lack of knowledge.

Marketers are identifying finding suitable social media influencers to work with is one of the biggest challenges with influencer marketing and if you think about it, it’s not a surprising fact.

There are so many factors that brands and most importantly marketers need to take into consideration when picking their influencers. Some of the most important factors are: which platform their influencer is on (different social media platforms have different demographics), niche (obviously brands want to partner with influencers that are in the same niche as the brand), gender (if the brand is selling makeup and the influencer is a woman, the campaign will most likely not be very successful), followers amount more followers doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger reach. You have to take engagement into consideration as well).

First of all, only finding influencers is hard. Secondly, to find influencers that are ticking all of your criteria boxes is even more difficult. Sometimes even an impossible task for some.

Apart from the fact that finding influencers takes a ton of time and energy, it is also taking a lot of your focus and becoming a distraction to many marketers.While it is extremely important to choose THE RIGHT influencer that ticks all of the mentioned boxes above (and more), there are things that maybe are more important than searching and searching through social media in the hunt for suitable influencers.

While it is extremely important to choose THE RIGHT influencer that ticks all of the mentioned boxes above (and more), there are things that maybe are more important than searching and searching through social media in the hunt for suitable influencers.

This does not however mean that you should ignore the fact that choosing THE RIGHT influencer is extremely important for a successful social media influencer marketing campaign. More of the opposite.

It just means that you should try to find more efficient methods of doing so.

But how?

Back to the main issue:

How to laser target my marketing by partnering with the right influencers

Different marketers have different strategies of finding influencers but most of them have one thing in common. They can agree on the importance of picking the influencers they work with very, very carefully.

Some are doing it completely manually – searching through social media in the hunt of the best influencers, some are not putting very much energy and effort into it, even though they know the importance of it. And some are using tools that can help them find the absolute best of the best influencers out there.

VeloceNetwork is a tool that helps you and your influencer marketing.

Veloce Network influencer marketing

VeloceNetwork is a social media influencer directory that has gathered 3K+ social media influencers that you can filter based on 8 niches, location, location,

VeloceNetwork solves a lot of pain-points that are bothering most marketers that are working with influencer marketing. The most important and common one being time.

Instead of using one of the mentioned methods above when searching for influencers to work with, you can just use the Veloce directory.

No matter what your brand is or does, Veloce directory can find influencers suitable for you within the 8 niches previously mentioned: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Cars, Watches, Fitness.

Because there are so many things to pay attention to when looking for influencers, it’s close to impossible to find the absolute perfect one for your brand, that will generate the highest ROI possible, thanks to the fact that their followers actually is your target audience.

Thankfully, there is a better option instead of looking for them all by yourself, spending countless of hours and even then not being able to find the best influencers to partner with.

Let us do the hard work and then filter through thousands of influencers in a matter of seconds. By using the influencer directory, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your influencer marketing budget with the help of laser targeted influencers.

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