How to Build Trust With Influencer Marketing

Trust is an extremely important part of marketing, because if your audience doesn’t trust you, why would they buy from you?

Thankfully, we have influencer marketing to help you if you still are struggling with becoming a trusted thought leader in your industry. By getting recommended by influencers who’ve built an audience who trust them down to the core, the trust gets contagious and is transmitted¬†to you – but only if done in the right way.

Trust takes a long time to build up, but a very short time to ruin, so slow, steady, and consistent wins the race.

It’s important to know that there are two types of audiences that will have trust in you (if you build it). Firstly, you have your own audience. Those who are supporters of your brand that you have built genuine and valuable relationships with. Then, we have the quick-fix audience, that I’ll go more into detail on the first point.

Let’s look at how you can build trust with the help of influencer marketing:

1. Quick way

The most common way brands use influencer marketing is the quick/urgent way.

As we talked about, building an engaged audience that has trust in you don’t exactly go over night.

It takes consistent efforts, and the right efforts.

What many brands do is to borrow and transmit trust from the influencer through a paid partnership or feature on their social channels.

2. How can you build trust long-term?

When it comes to trust, there are quite a few practices you need to follow, long-term.

First off, you need to make sure you treat your audience the way you want to be treated. Think about: H0w would you treat them offline? Are you treating them the same way online? Are you shoving ads down their throats or are you carefully placing a recommendation in their lap ? -Because it’s a huge difference.

Secondly, the golden rule of not trying to sell more makes you sell more applied. Both you and your co-workers all need to wrap your head around (if you haven’t already) that providing value without asking for anything in return is the way to not only build trust but also to increase sales as well.

When you focusing more on providing value, you’ll do what’s best for your brand long-term, avoiding you to opt for the short-term gratification. This means leaving most of the job up to the influencer, because they re individuals who actually know their audience, and know how to please them.

Lastly, in order to build trust with your audience, you need to understand what they actually need. With social media at your fingertips, doing this has never been easier. Poll your audience, send out a survey, or arrange a Q&A – then apply it to your influencer marketing campaigns.

Social Media polls

With the information gathered, you can share content that better fits your audience’s needs.

3. Take advantage of influencer-created content

As we touched briefly on above, the influencer knows best what their audience likes, what they resonate well with, and what type of content drives the highest engagement.

Too many brands want to take care of everything from content creating to text writing, but what they don’t realize is that a lot of the trust disappears when the audience of the influencer sees the post.

People who follow the influencer knows he or she very well, which means they’ll quickly be able to tell when the words and content being put out isn’t directly created by the influencer.

As a result, the influencer will lose trust, while you certainly won’t gain any.

People love to see content created by someone they trust and hate to see ads by brands, so use that! Don’t go and just place your ads in the hands of the influencer because that doesn’t do it any better. Offer the audience a seamless experience by effortlessly incorporating ads in the influencer’s social presence.

4. Work with laser targeted influencers

This is a key point.

In fact, this is almost always a key point in influencer marketing, because who you work with will determine a lot of the success.

For example, let’s say you are selling makeup products. Do you think the followers of an influencer who are solely focusing on clothing would like to see that?

Possibly, but it’s not a safe bet.

Finding influencers are laser targeted to perfection is hard, but Veloce influencer directory helps make your hunt easier.

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