7 Tips for Finding the Right Influencer

More and more companies are working through influencers, people who have a large following who can become ambassadors for your brand. But how do you find the best for your business? These 7 steps can help you.
It is not enough to have just one or more influencers, it has to be the right influencers. Brian Mechem, co-founder and COO at Grin, says that:

“Anyone with an online personality can potentially be an influencer that brands want to foster … but it takes hard work, focus and attention to develop the confidence they need to be effective. The right influencer to the right audience can have a big impact. But hiring anyone with a large following is a great way to waste your marketing budget. “

To avoid throwing money at the lake, here are 7 tips for finding the best influencers for your brand:

Know your audience. Are influencer followers the ones you want to reach? Find your potential customers in the follower section. If not, it’s the wrong influencer. You should know which people you are trying to reach. Use your insights and look for the influencers on social media where these people are.
Understand the potential of influencers for your industry. Influencers are suitable for many, but not all industries. There are certain industries where influencers create a lot of commitment and passion with their followers. Some of these are travel, family, cooking, children and parenthood, beauty, fashion, technology, cars and health. Make sure you use influencers so that they can have a positive impact on your business, and not just because everyone else does.
Assess the range. It is not necessarily the case that those with the most followers have the best reach. Studies show that influencers with between 10,000-100,000 followers can be much more effective than those with over 500,000 followers. Your influencer needs to feel genuine, otherwise they won’t be able to influence their followers.
They use several modes of communication. A good influencer not only uploads images, but creates infograhipcs, makes videos, streams live, makes podcasts and writes. This creates a variation, and thus a higher commitment among the followers. In addition, posting polls or questions from time to time can boost your followers’ interest.
Assess the effect of the posts. A good influencer creates headlines and content that the followers link to and share. Try to assess the extent to which followers engage and spread the word rather than just liking one status.
Mixes influencer perspective. A good influencer does not always have the same type of posts, but can make more detailed descriptions, do deeper analyzes or short impact statements. Followers want different things at different times, and following the same template for posts quickly becomes tiring.
Do they have a local anchorage. Many people follow the big stars, but a small, local influencer can have a huge impact on their followers because they know who they are. In addition, a local influencer may be easier to associate with than the really big ones, while giving you a better outcome.
Remember that it is important for the influencer to still feel genuine and authentic. As soon as it becomes too promotional, the followers will lose interest and the influencer will lose credibility.  So do your research and for a dialogue about what a collaboration will look like. But that influencer marketing works, that’s no doubt.

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