6 Ways to See if an Influencer is a Perfect Fit for Your Brand

Knowing which influencer to work with is difficult.

As influencer marketing has grown explosively in popularity over the years, so has the supply of influencers done as well.

There are tens of thousands of influencers you can work with, but the truth is that only a small portion of those are worth working with. Some might be extremely expensive, some aren’t within your industry, some have faked their whole influence, and so on. It’s not hard to find influencers. The hard part is finding the right ones.

Therefore, it’s essential that you know exactly how to look at influencers and compare them with others so that you are left with the ultimate influencer for your brand.

In this article, we’re looking at 6 Ways to See if an Influencer is a Perfect Fit for Your Brand, so you can generate the best results possible with your influencer efforts.

In this article, we won’t be digging too much into how you find the ultimate influencer, rather look at how you can study influencers and see if they are relevant to your brand in terms of personality and similar metrics.

1.What industry are they in?

This is a huge cornerstone in finding the right influencer.

You should never work with an influencer who isn’t within your industry and sharing content related to it. As a brand, you want to reach your target audience. This means people who are interested in the niche you are in and might be interested in the products you sell. For example, if you are selling snowboards, you can be quite sure that you won’t sell anything if your re reaching people who are skiing, right?

Because this is such a huge cornerstone for a successful campaign, it should be the first thing you look at when you are going through influencers. It’s easy to see what type of influencer they are when looking at their profile and the content they share, so flattering away those who aren’t in your industry isn’t difficult.

In fact, when coming across @scoutfashion, it’s quite easy to understand that they are in the fashion niche. First off, their name is dedicated towards it, secondly, their bio describes it, and lastly, the content they share is related to it.

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This is a common scenario for many influencers’ and that’s why filtering away them by the large cornerstone that is their niche is so easy.

2. What is their demography?

This is not relevant to all brands, but for some, the demography is highly relevant.

If you’re a brand that is operating worldwide, it usually doesn’t matter where the influencer is based. However, if you’re a local business, demographics are highly relevant.

In these cases, you only want to work with influencers who are based in your area. Because local influencers tend to attract most of their followers from their local area, it’s a great way for a business to reach people within a particular are in a way that holds a lot of trust and Genuity.

If influencers are from a particular country, chances are that many of their followers will be from there as well. Just know that this is not always the case. Don’t take it for granted that if an influencer is from a country, most of their followers will be from there as well, because this isn’t always the case. If you are working with an influencer for their location, make sure you ask for their demographics statistics so you can know where their audience is from.

Again, if you are operating worldwide, it doesn’t really matter too much, but if you are operating locally, it’s highly relevant because otherwise, you’re spending your money on marketing that won’t lead to much.

Many influencers have their ethnicity in their profile description in their bio, and that’s a good start. This can allow you to filter away those who are completely off from your location and plan. Again, if location really matters for you.

3. What content do they share?

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of selecting an influencer who is suitable for your brand.

When you partner with an influencer, you want that their style aligns with yours, because this will allow you to create a campaign that comes off as more authentic, and better integrated into the influencer’s feed.

Another important aspect of this is that if your brand’s social media feed is similar to the influencer’s, the followers of the influencer will feel very much at home when they go to visit your page.

In other words, the transition will be smooth thanks to the fact that you and the influencer has a similar content strategy and style.

Take GymShark for example. They regularly partner with influencers and share gym-related content in their Instagram feed.

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The influencers they partner with also shares gym-related content, which means that the style of the content is quite similar.

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The bottom line is that you want to partner with influencers who share similar content as you, because this will let your campaigns come off as more authentic, thus giving them more trust and a bigger chance of leading to conversions.

4. What personality do they have?

Personality is their personality reflected on social media. And not surprisingly, those two aren’t always the same.

When partnering with an influencer, the ideal partnership is working with an influencer who aligns with you on every single level. Of course, this is not always possible, or at least it demands a ton of resources, but it’s at least something that is good to have in mind and work towards.

Their personality includes things like “how do they write their captions?” “how do they respond to their audience’s comments?”.

Some influencers are funny and create captions with jokes. This means that their audience likes and resonates with it.

But if you as a brand is deadly serious and conservative, chances are that that audience will feel highly uncomfortable at your page if an influencer recommends them to follow you.

When picking influencer, make sure that your personalities are at least somewhat similar. They don’t have to be spot on, but the more similar they are, the less of a transition their followers will feel, and the more genuine the campaign will be.

You can start by looking at the captions of a few of the influencer’s posts. Looking at 5-6 posts will give you a fairly good idea of what personality they have. Are they kind? Boring? Funny? Rude?

The most vital part is that you are aware of their personality so you can decide what you should do accordingly.

5. Brand relevance

Brand relevance is a little about brand message, a little about personality, and mostly about how they align with your brand.

Ask yourself: does the influencer already use my products?

If this is the case, it means that the influencer willingly uses your products because they think they are awesome. This is the ideal situation for a brand because it means that they have personal stories and experiences of how your products have improved their life.

If the answer is no, then ask yourself “would this be a person who would use my products? If the answer is no to that question as well, then obviously, it isn’t a great fit for your brand, because it means creating an inauthentic marketing campaign. People will be able to sense and know that the influencer would never actually use that product in real life, thus decreasing the trust of the campaign significantly.

6. How often are they promoting?

Something that is often neglected is the saturation of the influencer’s promotion.

If they are regularly promoting brands and products, their trust risk being harmed, and so will your campaign be if you decide to partner with them.

If the influencer regularly promotes similar products and say “this is the best product” to each and every one of them, you can just imagine how their trust decrease.

Instead, focus on influencers who don’t promote products very often, or at least don’t promote products similar to yours


There are much more things you should have in mind than just follower count, niche, and price when selecting an influencer to partner with.

That’s because there are more things that affect how successful your campaign will be other than the things you normally look at.

Have the mentioned points in mind the next time you look for social media influencers and I guarantee you that you’ll generate better results.