5 Key Tips To Choosing The Right Influencers

Identifying influencers is a work of art all by itself, and whether you are searching for influencers manually or with the help of a directory like Veloce, there are some things you need to know in order to get it right.

We’ve all seen the tremendous results influencer marketing is able to generate, but the truth is, you won’t even generate a fraction of those results if you work with the wrong influencers.

That’s why finding the right ones for your brand is critical, and you’ll be surprised just how much goes into it.

So how can you identify the influencers who fit your brand like a hand in a glove, and helps you reach success?

That’s what you’ll find out in this article.

1. Data is key

To identify the right influencer, you need rich data.

The social media data generated by the influencer is a great place to start. Many marketers tend to only look at follow count when choosing influencers, but if you do so, you’re doomed to fail. To identify the people who really matter, looking at data such as comments and conversations around and with the influencer, you might just learn that the influencer’s personality doesn’t alight with your brand.

Or, you might just find out that they couldn’t be more perfect.

Also, by using social listening, you can segment influencers and better understand the journey of the buyer and also how you should act and engage to meet their demands.

2. Relevance over followers

This is a big one, and it is also in this direction we have seen influencer marketing evolve in the last couple of years.

As I touched upon briefly before, more followers don’t necessarily mean more influence and a higher impact.

In fact, more followers often mean less engaged followers, yet still a higher price.

It doesn’t make sense, but still, marketers are doing it.

Relevance is far more important than reach, and that does not only include their followers. It also includes the niche the influencer is in, how they align with your core values, and if they are actually trusted or if it’s just an illusion created by big numbers.

It’s also important that you filter away all the fuzz and the individuals who aren’t your target audience when looking at the influencer.

There’s a big chance that you’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s endorsement for pills that prevent morning sickness for pregnant women.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Endorsement Marketing post

Sure, Kim might have over 100 Million followers, but how many of those do you think falls into the category of being pregnant? And then in turn struggle with morning sickness? Certainly not a big share of her total followers.

Not surprisingly, influencers from the middle-sector and so-called micro-influencers have time and time over proven to be the most effective influencers in terms of ROI for brands, not very surprising maybe but.

Here’s why:

Smaller influencers tend to have a more targeted audience, where most of their followers are strictly passionate about the niche the influencer is in.

In addition to that, smaller influencers also have a bigger trust within their niche.

When comparing to larger influencers, it is well-known that the engagement doesn’t increase at the same pace as the followers, yet still, many influencers base their rates on their followers. Strange, might some people think, but that’s why many brands now are turning to influencers with a more targeted following and a higher engagement.

Strange, might some people think, but that’s why many brands now are turning to influencers with a more targeted following and a higher engagement.

3. Engagement before followers

You’d rather work with 1 influencer with a high engagement than 5 influencers with a low engagement, right? Well, not all marketers do. But that mostly depends on the fact that they barely are aware of what engagement is.

In reality, it doesn’t matter how many people with low engagement you work with.

Why? Because normally, these individuals don’t have any real impact and influence over people, which means you can scale all you want, but if they don’t impact people, it still won’t produce any results.

It’s essential that you are aware of this when sourcing influencers, because if you were to have the mindset people had a few years ago (because it worked), you’d end up looking at celebrities with the largest followings and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of looking at the individuals who have laser targeted audience and an engaged such.

4. Find influencers who align with your values

You’ve probably spent a lot of time building your brand culture and making sure everyone in your team aligns with it.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is bring influencers into your team who don’t align with your brand to start shouting and spreading a message that isn’t completely true to you.

Simply put, you don’t want people to start pulling in opposite directions.

Make sure you have a clear destination, and that everyone knows which direction to go to get there, including influencers you work with.

In fact, it might even be more important to get influencers aware of it, because these individuals have a large reach, and if they all of a sudden start preaching something that isn’t completely right, it might just end up harming your brand.

5. Avoid fake influencers

As the demand for influencers has increased by brands, people have seen their chance at making some quick bucks and to build relationships with brands.

This is usually achieved by buying fake followers.

Fake followers are, of course, nothing but bots, and this means that if a brand chooses to partner with an influencer with fake followers, they won’t get their product seen in front of real people.

However, if you use the tricks above, plus read how to spot fake influencers, you’ll stay away from wasting your money on an illusion of fame.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to buy fake followers and fake your influence.

With a simple Google search on “Buy Instagram followers“, this is what I found:

Buy Instagram Fake Followers Buy Bots

Buy Instagram Fake followers Bots

Purchase Fake Instagram Followers

These were just three of many search results that sell fake followers, and as you can see, it’s not exactly expensive to buy them either.

As you can imagine, faking an influence can be very tempting for many, and that’s why you are aware of all the dangers out there so you can avoid stepping into the traps.

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