5 Crucial Steps to Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is starting to dominate the social media marketing industry simply because it is so effective.

Many businesses are making influencer marketing a part of their marketing strategy and other forms of marketing that aren’t as effective are dying out.

With the help of influencers on social media with a  big following you can impact people’s decisions and at the same time get a high ROI at a cheap price compared to other marketing sources. Sounds pretty good right? Traditional marketing can’t achieve that kind of targeted audience.

There’s just one thing. Despite the fact that influencer marketing has grown dramatically in popularity among brands, many are still unsure on how to create a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Therefore, I’ve created this article containing 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign.

1. Setting up goals

As with most things, setting up goals is very important if you want to have any success. This also works as a map that makes it easier for you because you know your objective very clear.

Create a document where you write down what you wish to accomplish with influencer marketing.

Some things to write down can be:

  • How many followers you want to grow
  • How many website visitors you wish to increase
  • What kind of influencer you wish to work with
  • How many newsletter subscribers

2. Deciding on what social media channels to use

Now that you’ve set your goals, you have to decide what social media channels to use.

As you might know, different social media platforms have different users and while some are good for one thing, other might be good for something else. For example, 80 Percent of Pinterest’s users are female. This means that if your main audience is men, Pinterest might not be a good option for you.

If you want to get more in-depth info on what social media platform to choose, read “Which social media platform should you choose” to see which might be the most suitable for your brand to do influencer marketing on.

The most important thing is that you are aware of the fact that not all social media platforms are the same and you approach them differently.

3. Finding the right influencer

Finding the right influencer is a challenge for many marketers.

A lot of brands that are just starting out with influencer marketing might have zero clues of where to find influencers suitable for their niche because there are so many factors that they have to count in if they want to have a successful influencer marketing campaign. Note that even the most experienced marketers that work with influencer marketing can have a challenge finding influencers sometimes so don’t feel like it’s hopeless!

Some things to count in when deciding influencer are:

  • Age
  • Followers
  • Niche
  • Gender
  • Engagement
  • Influence

As you can see, the biggest challenge with influencer marketing is finding the right influencer. This has now changed, however.

Veloce Influencer Network is a database that has gathered thousands of influencers in one place so you can search and filter them based on your brand’s preferences in order to get the best results possible and a very targeted marketing campaign.

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4. Examining all content before publishing

It’s important that you review all content that the influencer is planning to publish before it is made. This is to ensure that it suits well with your brand’s image to ensure wrong information is not spread about your brand and a wrong picture of you is built.

Note: It’s important that you give the influencers freedom because often, the influencers know better than you when it comes to their own audience and what they like. They often have good knowledge about the platform they are using.

Simply trust their expertise but review the content they are going to post so it is suitable for your image.

5. Measuring results

After an influencer marketing campaign, you should measure the results of it- just like any other form of marketing in order to see that it performs.

Compare the goals you’ve set with the results you’ve generated and see what your ROI was.

By measuring results, you can also learn about the things that you did good and that generated the best results and you can also learn what didn’t work quite as good and then with that knowledge improve future influencer campaigns.