3 Undeniable Benefits of Working With Micro-Influencers

3 Undeniable Benefits of Working With Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity over the years, and in recent days, another form of influencer marketing has evolved and gain an immense popularity.

I am of course talking about micro-influencer marketing.

You already know what influencer marketing is – marketing with the help of influential individuals, mainly on social media, people who have several hundred thousand to several million followers.

We all know that influencer marketing can generate incredible results, but did you know that micro-influencer marketing can generate even better results? Micro-influencers are often better because they have a more engaged audience who look up to the influencer more, and trust their recommendations.

As follower count increases on social media, the engagement tends to decrease. People might create new accounts, others might stop using their social media account, some people will stop engaging with your content and so on.

In other words, when you are paying to work with influencers, the cost per follower, in terms of engagement will be higher than if you partner with a micro-influencer.

After all, what truly matters in an influencer marketing campaign is how engaged and relevant the followers that the influencer has, are.

It doesn’t matter how many followers a large influencer has if none of them are engaged in the content they share.

What’s more, the followers of micro-influencers are often a lot more targeted and specific to the industry of the influencer, which makes for better results for you as a brand.

In this article, we’re digging into micro-influencer marketing and look at 3 benefits that working with micro-influencers has.

1. Engaged following

As mentioned, micro-influencers usually have a higher engagement rate than large influencers as the engagement rate tends to decrease as the follower count increase.

When brands are looking for influencers to partner with, they often have the wrong approach. Instead of looking at the influencers with the most engaged audience and the most relevant followers (which you should), they search for the influencers with the most followers.

The idea is that the more followers the influencer have, the better marketing results they’ll generate, but if you look at cost versus results, that’s not always the case. Sure, the influencer might drive more sales than a micro-influencer alone, however, for the cost of one large influencer, you could have partnered with 5 or even 10 micro-influencers and generate much better results.

However, what is also important to realize is that just because micro-influencers, in general, have a higher engagement rate doesn’t mean that they are suitable for your brand.

You also need to factor in the fact that there are influencers and micro-influencers within different niches. What’s more, the product that you are promoting has to be aligned with the influencer, their values, and their habits.

The good thing about micro-influencers, that is also part of the reason why they have a higher engagement, is that their followers are often much more targeted than followers of large influencers.

In other words, if a micro-influencer focuses on sharing content related to skiing, the vast majority of their followers will consist of people who are truly interested in skiing. What does this mean for you as a brand?

It means that if you want to promote your news skiing product, partnering with the micro-influencer in your niche will allow you to reach the people who truly matter to your brand, and therefore also generate better marketing results.

Think about it:

If a bikini brand partners with Kylie Jenner, only a portion of her followers will be potential customers.

First off, a large portion of her followers are male, secondly, the bikini brand might only shop in Europe and America, and then another chunk of people disappears from the equation.

That way, the people you are reaching by partnering with large influencers might not always be as targeted as the followers that micro-influencers have.

Lastly, a reason that micro-influencers receive a much higher engagement, especially on promotional posts is that they are very strict with only promoting brands that they truly believe in and support, as well as having their own voice and tone to it and not letting the brands fix the whole campaign for them.

This is why it’s important for brands to give creative freedom to both micro-influencers as well as regular influencers, as the influencers can retain their voice and ultimately promote your brand in their own unique way.

2. More affordable

Since influencers generally base their prices on follower count, micro-influencers are a lot cheaper to partner with.

Their cheap price makes it possible for virtually any brand, even brands with tight marketing budgets to set up influencer campaigns and not just huge corporations with million dollar budgets.

Their affordability also makes them popular among startups and small businesses.

survey conducted by Bloglovin studied the cost of partnering with micro-influencers, and this is what they found:

  • 97% of micro-influencers will charge less than $500 for each Instagram post.
  • 84% won’t charge you over $250 for each post.
  • With a budget of $5000, you can reach out to around 315,000 followers on Twitter, 200,000 people on Instagram, or 125,000 people on Facebook.

The good news is that although the affordable price, and relatively small following that micro-influencers have, you can reach the people who truly matter to your brand. This will allow you to get a high ROI despite the low investment.

And considering the cheap price, you can partner with several micro-influencers at once and still reach a large number of targeted people, and drive great results.¨

You can partner with some of the top influencers and reach a ton of people in one go, but the problem is that you are going to have to pay quite a lot for it. In fact, the highest paid Instagram celebrity influencer is Selena Gomez, and for one post on Instagram, she charges $550,000 per promotional post.

As a result, the number of brands who can partner with such huge influencers is very limited

The bottom line is that micro-influencers are far more reachable than the influencer giants, yet still, they can help your brand generate amazing marketing results, in other words, micro-influencers opens up for virtually any brand to take part in the influencer marketing world.

3. Better conversion rates

Overall, micro-influencers have a much higher power of conversion.

Since micro-influencers are focused on one niche and topic, they establish themselves as experts in that area. Therefore, with that expertise comes loyal followers who are interested in that niche, as mentioned.

But that’s not all.

Since the micro-influencer is considered to be an expert in its niche, their recommendations come off as trustworthy and credible, thus making them more impactful.

As a result of more trusted reviews, the micro-influencers can generate a higher conversion rate for brands.

In fact, a study has shown that a whopping 49% people say that they trust influencer recommendations to guide them in their purchase decisions.

This, of course, also includes when influencers recommend brands that they are partnering with, which in turn results in higher conversion rates.

A common way that micro-influencers promote brands is through personalized discount codes. This further encourages purchases, as people who look up to the micro-influencers becomes happy when the person they look up to being able to save them money, it works as a way to further incentivize people to purchase.

And for you as a brand, discount codes allow you to track how many people have bought as a result of the micro-influencer’s promotion.


It’s safe to say that micro-influencer marketing carries many benefits and that it is an effective and affordable way of promoting your brand.

It opens up for small brands with a limited marketing budget to get a share of the many benefits that influencer marketing has.

The loyal and targeted followers of micro-influencers allow you to generate incredible marketing results that many display advertising methods can only dream about.

If you need help identifying suitable micro-influencers, don’t hesitate to contact me personally at jens@velocenetwork.com and I’ll personally assist you, or, take a look at our FREE influencer directory.